Thursday 15 May 2014.

The final project of my HND.
Another UDK game, this time it was a team effort with me responsible for all the scripting, kismet, audio and rigging. That worked for me as I was the best scripter in our team and by not having to create content it would leave me free to concentrate on scripting.

The game design itself was a team effort. It was something of a lemmings meets sleepwalker (from the Amiga) type of game. The player controls the wizard character who runs around the level preventing hazards that will kill his minions. This is done by either using the wizard's magic wand to trigger something or by placing certain rune stones that will effect the behaviour of the minions (ie jump, run, block, explode etc). At least one minion must survive to the end of the level and it must be completed within a certain amount of time to progress to the next level...


I liked this project, it give me an experience of creating a game within a team of 4. I would have liked to have made a proper full game and worked more on the gameplay but maybe next time...

Video walkthrough of a couple of levels: