The Ghost And The Staircase

Thursday 30 May 2013.

A UDK demo level made entirely with kismet and no script.

When I first used UDK I though yeah it would be very good for first person games but might be difficult to write anything else prefering the likes of Unity and Shiva as they were more versatile. After a few false starts I created the inside of a room, maybe a little influenced by mario64. Adding my own models created with 3dmax.

As time passed I started to like UDK more, awesome content browser and really impressed with the rendering quality. In my opinion this was looking better than unity. I also was impressed with the smoothness it ran on the iphone 3gs (unfortunately I was soon to make the mistake of creating the outside world using terrain so the ios version was no longer possible after that).
As the hours flew past our design was redefined with less and less mechanics. The final game was far from the original design and far from good.

Finallly I needed the character, importing it was easy but UDK's builtin character controller wasnt really suitable so I had to create my own and doing this in kismet was a pain but it worked.

What I learned? Use script next time...