Sunday 24 February 2013.

An all day event where teams are challenged to create a game in a single day?
Sounds good to me...

This was my first time at any programming/game development event and I was very impressed. The idea of gamecraft is simple, in the morning the game theme is revealed and then it's up to the teams to design and build the game (scrapheap challenge for game developers?) before 5pm.

Today the theme was "Bloom". Tricky, but we quickly came up with what initially looked like a fairly simple shooting game b.l.o.o.m (big lasers on old men).

In a moment of possible madness I had decided we would use flash builder as the development language. The theory was it would allow for a simple 2d game which we could also put on a website afterwards. With hindsight this decision was questionable and as our team had only one programmer (me) the work load was intense. Hours were wasted creating basic functions for sprite handling, collision and scrolling, this is when I realised I may not have made the right decision on the language. Oops.

As the hours flew past our design was redefined with less and less mechanics. The final game was far from the original design and far from good.

Unfortunately my team mate had a previous engagement so we were only able to stay for half the day. In the short time we had I learnt a lot. Looking forward to the next scrapheap challenge of game creation...