e4 sting

Thursday 22 August 2013.

Every few years e4 runs a contest for viewers to create a 10 second e4 sting, unfortunately I only found out about this competition 2 weeks before the dead line.  So with only a short time available this was my attempt...
[An e4 sting is the little 10 second video's that are played before some shows on e4. The only limits are the clip must be 10 seconds long and use the music they provide and their e4 logo. ]

With so little time to come up with something and make it this was going to be a challenge. I figured with so litttle time I couldnt create something that might win the contest so for me my challenge was creating a finished animation within a short time making the deadline.

The first week was spent brain storming, creating story boards and simple animatics. By the end of the week I had 6 different ideas to choose from. The final decision was based on what would I estimated would be possible in a week so the simple space scene was choosen because it only needed a single character, simple planet and rocket.
[Maya was choosen as I had used it before for animation and now was not the time to learn something new.]

With only 1 day to go it was complete...