Darkest Tower

Tuesday 14 January 2014.

Another UDK Game, but this time with a lot of scripting (2433 lines of code).

My first UDK encounter had taught me 2 things:
1 -UDK was capable of producing some excellent looking environments.
2 -Using kismet for anything but simple triggers and animated areas was a pain.

So straight away I knew I had to learn unreal script. In my life I have learnt many, many programming languages so I can pick up new ones fairly quickly and it wasnt long before I had enough knowledge to write this game.
In this game the levels are set in a circular play area. This effect was made using unreal script, to do it in kismet would have been a nightmare (but definately possible).


The roundness is really just to make it visually interesting, the game plays almost like a normal platform game.
The game play is simple:
*Run around the level collecting 3 elements.
*Once they are collected the portal opens to take you to the next level.
*Avoid touching traps and the enemy characters.
*Drop bombs to destroy certain blocks that are in your way, kill the enemy and to activate switchses.

To make the game ipad friendly finger controls are made to appear on the HUD. This was actually done in kismet to limit ini file editing.


Video walkthrough of a level:

A fictional advert for the game created in Sony Vegas: